History of Maths

I know there are lots of dates and talk about the Egyptians, Greeks and so on including the study of circles and structure and so on and so on. I like to believe that maths started with counting. Not counting with numbers as we know them but counting by placing stones on the ground or carving notches on sticks (and maybe many other ways) to represent the numbers. So simple calculations were just a matter of putting more stones down to add and removing them to subtract. Therefore in my eyes, the roots of maths always start with addition and subtraction.

There are lots of interesting history about this and how it developed into the maths we know today.

When was Zero Invented?

Who Invented Maths?

History of Maths?

Why is 'x' the unknown?

Where do maths Symbols Come from?

A brief history of numerical systems

Ready for Action?

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